Election Day 2014 – Be Ready at the Polls!

On Tuesday, 4 November 2014 we Floridians go to the polls to elect a Governor of the State of Florida among other things.  Ever since Rick Scott got elected governor four years ago in 2010 the State of Florida as we see it is not the same.
After all, Rick Scott did nothing more than turn against the people of the great State of Florida.  Ditto with Pam Bondi, Florida’s Attorney General.  You’ll be surprised:
Unauthorized turning of public meetings into private meetings and using law enforcement as a tool of intimidation such as using trespass warnings.
The refusal of federal healthcare money.
Throwing 25,000 potential jobs into the trash by refusing money for high speed rail between Tampa and Orlando on the Interstate 4 corridor.
The constant lying and deceit to the people of the State of Florida.
Telling people that were unemployed and are still looking for work that you are on your own.
People who are discriminated against in looking for work, including the use of credit reports as public record.
Your child treated by your school district as its property.  Try to even speak with your child’s teachers regarding your child’s progress and you will be trespassed from school property.
The warehousing of disabled and elderly persons into nursing homes and Assisted Living Facilities (ALF), thanks to Florida’s guardianship laws.
Making it very easy for a law abiding Floridian to acquire an arrest record, thanks to Pam Bondi’s goals.
The constant use of Section 810.09 – Florida’s trespassing law – as a tool of intimidation, especially against the homeless.
Making sure that Floridians that are legally registered to vote are purged from the voter rolls.
Now that Election Day 2014 is just around the corner, ask yourself:  Do you want four more years of the constant lying, deceit and threats that is now in Tallahassee?  Or do you want change in Tallahassee starting from the Governor downward?
We do not have to put up with another four years of Rick Scott as well as Pam Bondi.  We Floridians can make a change come on Tuesday, 4 November 2014 at our assigned polling place.

If you have already participated in early voting or you have voted by mail, that’s great!  For those of you that want to go to the polls it’s best to be prepared before you make the trek to your assigned polling place.

Remember, the polls are open from 7 AM to 7 PM on Election Day.  What if you are in line at your assigned polling place at 7 PM when the polls close?  As long as you are in line by 7 PM, you will be able to vote!

You can go over to the website of your county’s Supervisor of Elections and even generate a sample ballot based on where you live.  Print it out and take it with you so that you can use it as a reference when you actually vote.
For reference, here are links to the Supervisors of Elections in the Tampa Bay region (a selected list of Supervisors of Elections links):
Links to above Supervisors of Elections offices in the immediate Tampa Bay region are provided to you as a public service.
When you arrive at your assigned polling place, be sure to have a picture and signature ID with you when you go to check in with the poll worker.  A Florida Driver License or a Florida ID Card is best but Florida’s voter ID law allows you to use the following as ID when you go to vote:

Florida Driver License
Florida Identification Card
United States Passport (either the book or card is OK)
Debit or credit card
Student or Military ID
Retirement Center ID
Neighborhood Association ID
Public Assistance ID

When you registered to vote or updated your voting information, your Supervisor of Elections will more than likely sent you a Voter Information Card, which used to be a Voter Identification Card many years ago.  A Voter Information Card is NOT valid voter ID.
If in the event you do not have valid voter ID with you when you go to vote, you can still vote.  However, you will only be able to vote a provisional ballot and you will be given instructions on proving your identity at the polling place.
If you have previously requested a mail ballot and you decide to vote at your assigned polling place on Election Day, you can still vote!  Having your mail ballot with you is the best, as your mail ballot will be cancelled and you will be given a regular ballot.  However, if you do not have the mail ballot with you don’t fret – the poll worker will check to be sure that the mail ballot was not received.
So, what can we Floridians do to see change in Tallahassee?
That, my friend, is very simple.  Get on over to your assigned polling place on 4 November 2014 and VOTE!  I don’t care how you get to your assigned polling place, whether it may be by your own vehicle, on foot, by bicycle, by public transit or whatever, but get out there on Tuesday, 4 November 2014 and VOTE!!!

Rick Scott and Pam Bondi: Resign from office!

Now that the general election for President of the United States is just a little more than a month away, we Floridians know that this is the halfway point for Florida Governor Rick Scott and Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi as far as their terms of office are concerned.  Their terms expire in January 2015, which is a couple of months after the November 2014 general election.

Even if President Obama gets re-elected for a second term, we Floridians have to put up with two more years of Florida state government that is unresponsive to the people, instead favoring the special interests.  This is how life in Florida has gone down the storm drain under Rick Scott as well as Pam Bondi:

The unauthorized turning of public meetings into private meetings.  Remember what happened at The Villages?

The refusal of federal healthcare money.

Throwing the potential of 25,000 jobs into the trash can by refusing federal money for high speed rail (the expansive median on Interstate 4 between Tampa and Orlando serves as a reminder).

The constant lying and deceit to the people of Florida.

To the people of Florida who are unemployed and their unemployment benefits have ran out.

To the people of Florida who are discriminated while looking for work.

To the Florida homeowner subjected to the super high homeowners insurance rate increases by Citizens.

Children that are constantly fed with drill and practice in school for the FCAT.

Children that are being treated as property of the county school district.  Try to have a conference with your child’s teachers and more than likely you will be arrested for either trespassing on school property, interfering with the operation of a public school or a combination of the two.  Try to greet your child in the unsecured area of school grounds (the area where you do not have to check in at the office, present your ID and pick up a visitor pass) when the school day is over and you will be arrested for trespassing.

The constant use of Florida State Statute 810.09 – Florida’s trespassing laws – as a tool of oppression against the people of the State of Florida.  Florida’s trespassing laws are an easy tool of oppression, especially for private property owners who don’t want to go through the time and trouble of going to court and getting a restraining order against a person.

Making sure that each law abiding Florida resident has at least an arrest record that will follow them for the rest of their lives – even if it takes the issuance of a trespass warning to do it.  From what I understand and what I have read this was Pam Bondi’s goal.

Turning law enforcement such as the Florida Department of Law Enforcement against the people.  Just ask the people of The Villages who were subjected to oppression from the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office with the threat of arrest for trespassing when Rick Scott came to visit.

Warehousing our disabled youth in nursing homes for life.

Warehousing our elderly and veterans in nursing homes for life and taking their prized possessions away, thanks to Florida’s guardianship laws that serve to legally kidnap and exploit the elderly and disabled as well as our veterans.

Making sure that Floridians who have legally registered to vote are purged from the voter rolls.

Ask yourself: How would you feel, as an American citizen living here in Florida, got the news that you are not eligible to vote?  And the reason is because of a flawed list?

Want proof?  Here’s some articles from the St. Petersburg Times:

A parent denied access to a meeting with Rick Scott, because the parent is deemed a “threat”.

Rick Scott lying about Florida’s jobless rate.

Warehousing Florida’s sick and disabled children in nursing homes for life.

Rick Scott’s shameless voter suppression effort.

Do we Floridians have to put up with two more years of the constant lying, deceit and threats?   Do we Floridians have to put up with two more years of oppression against the people of our great state?  We Floridians are getting sick and tired of life under Rick Scott!

Both Rick Scott and Pam Bondi have done nothing to make Florida state government responsive to the people.  What Rick Scott and Pam Bondi need to do is to do the people of the State of Florida a very big favor before 2014:  Resign from office!!!

Let’s clean up the State of Florida before it’s too late!

Almost a year later: Rick Scott is still Florida’s Number One Dictator!

Soon we will be approaching the one year aniversary to the day that Florida’s 45th Chief Crook Executive, Rick Scott, took office as Florida’s 45th Governor.

Lately in the St. Petersburg Times The Daily Show’s Aasif Mandvi happened to crash not one but two press conferences, one with Rick Scott and the other with Florida’s Attorney General Pam Bondi. One of Rick Scott’s unpopular acts was to require anyone seeking welfare benefits to submit to drug testing. During both news conferences, Aasif Mandvi asked both Scott and Bondi to submit to a urine sample in the same manner as Florida’s welfare recipients.

I commented on that article as to how both Rick Scott and Pam Bondi are both destroying the State of Florida as we see it. Back in a previous blog entry on how Rick Scott deals with dissenters, here is a reminder of how Rick Scott is doing a major disservice to the people of this great state:

Rick Scott = Adolf Hitler

The Republican Party of Florida and the Florida Chamber of Commerce = the Nazi Party

Law enforcement commanded by Rick Scott to deal with and threaten dissenters with trumped-up criminal charges such as trespass (and trespassing after warning, too) = the Nazi SS Troops

And we need to add this to the list:

Pam Bondi = Nazi People’s Court Judge Roland Freisler

(After all, Roland Freisler was state secretary of the Reich Ministry of Justice and president of the Nazi People’s Court, set up to deal with people who said no to Hitler. People who voiced their opposition to Hitler’s rule, such as Sophie Scholl and the White Rose Movement, ended up paying the ultimate price.)

Now why is Pam Bondi trying to do to make life more miserable for us Floridians? First and foremost, right after she took office as Florida Attorney General she made it very hard for anyone convicted of a felony to seek a pardon, even after the prison time and/or probation was served, fines paid, court orders complied with, etc. After all, these people who were convicted felons wanted to put their past behind them and get on with their lives so that they can become productive members of society once more.

In short, Pam Bondi wants to make things a lot easier for Floridians – especially law abiding Floridians – to acquire a criminal record upon arrest (yet make it harder to get a pardon or even a criminal record seal/expungement for that matter). That would be simple enough – law enforcement can arrest a person on trumped up charges of trespassing after warning (using the recent arrests of members of the Occupy Movement in Tampa and Orlando as great examples) and find ways to upgrade the charges to felony charges.

Simple trespassing charges in Florida Statute 810.09 are misdemeanor charges. However, the law goes on to state that if you are even caught within a certain distance of a specified property (and I do not mean going onto the specified property itself), the misdemeanor trespassing charges become felony trespassing charges.

Even if the charges are later dropped by the State Attorney or if you are found not guilty in the courts, you still have an arrest record. You can go through the hoops with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to have your record sealed or expunged, but most people don’t do it due to the high cost among other things.

And one more thing: A St. Petersburg Times reader whose name is Fighting Irish replied to my comment. Although he disagreed with my comparison between Rick Scott and Adolf Hitler, still he agreed that Rick Scott is doing everything to destroy our great state.

I replied to Fighting Irish thus (the reply you see here is different than the reply I made at the St. Petersburg Times article, as comments and replies are limited to 1,000 characters but the content is basically the same):

Be glad we live in America and in a free country where we have freedom of speech and freedom of lawful expression. In Thailand, freedom of speech and freedom of lawful expression are less than half-existant; an American was recently arrested in Thailand for violations of their very strict lese majeste laws, which mean one can be arrested and jailed for criticizing the Thai Royal Family.

Just imagine for a moment if Florida was an independent nation and we had Thai style lese mejeste laws: Our jails and correctional facilities would be extremely overcrowded with people arrested and convicted of criticizing Rick Scott. Just be glad we don’t sing Phleng Chat – the National Anthem of Thailand – at a Tampa Bay Rays home game at Tropicana Field!

Just a reminder of what a way of life we Floridians have to endure under a governor that does not care about the people and now an attorney general that will not go after the real criminals: The people in Florida who are responsible for the real estate and mortgage crisis that sent property values downward and put millions of Floridians underwater on their mortgages. Just remember this blog entry the next time you pass by the Welcome to Florida sign at the Florida Welcome Center on Interstates 75 or 95 when you cross into our great state.